For over 30 years, PI Kids has partnered with such licensors as Disney, Nickelodeon, Sesame Workshop, and more to craft heartfelt stories with charming illustrations, activities, sounds, and songs. Our award-winning storytelling and digital innovation fuel young readers’ imaginations while enhancing their awareness of the wider world.

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Sunbird Books is the home for innovative and original books for children. From board books to storybooks (and everything in between!), our titles represent strong, lively, and diverse voices that reflect children's realities and feed their imaginations while nurturing up-and-coming writers and illustrators from around the world.

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Sequoia Children’s Books is an imprint devoted to reading, early learning, creative thinking, and activities that stimulate young minds on multiple levels. Along with original stories, we offer educational products—particularly those within our Active Minds® brand—that introduce children to the basic building blocks of learning and discovery.

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Sequoia Kids Media brings perennial favorite series to schools and libraries, giving children the kind of interactive experience and familiar characters that promise high circulation, high fun, and high demand.

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Cardinal Media is a high-quality picture book publisher specializing in beautiful and engaging books. Our richly illustrated stories feature diverse voices from around the world, highlighting the narrative threads that connect us all. Cardinal Media is an independent publisher distributed by Phoenix International Publications.

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